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Wedding Reception Photography

Wedding Reception Photography

Wedding Reception is the big bang of post-wedding ceremonies. A very informal furthermore joyous occasion to celebrate the first time as a newlywed couple. The bride and the groom greet their family members with much pride. The occasion is filled with lie and celebration. Dance, drinks, banquet, a delicious spread of feast and what not? The perfect opportunity to shoot some amazing wedding reception photos. 


Haven't you always wanted to be in the limelight for at least one day? Haven't you always wanted to put up some awesome photos on your Instagram and Facebook? With some amazing photographs from Grandhouse, we promise to give you the eye-magnet. Grandhouse specializes in wedding reception photography along with multiple other disciplines of photography. It is one of our many talents to shoot pictures as natural as they can be. 


From a series of photographs in their order, we start from things like photographing the Invitation card for the wedding reception, the newlyweds getting ready for the next big day and their adventure through the day eventually. And we do not just click pictures of the people around, but also your event dress and props. After all, these photographs are meant to remind you of these wonderful days. 


We see the beauty pierce right through our lenses regardless of the location. Whether you prefer keeping it simple by celebrating at home, with a few shamianas and a barbecue stand, or a table spread with a lavish spread of drinks and food, we bring out the best in your post-wedding photoshoot. We provide several photography services based on the types and styles. We are specialized in Vintage photography, documentary and photojournalistic photography, cinematic photography, drone photography and short-form photography.


Grandhouse is equipped with the latest photography equipment to give a crisp look to your wedding reception album. A wedding reception is the time of relaxation and celebration after the exhaustive yet thrilling wedding event. You see vibrance and colours. It usually doesn't have a theme or a storyline, but if you ask for it, it is our honour to fulfil your requisites. We can sneak away from the crowd of guests to some locations where we could do the surprise shoots of the newlywed couple.


That's the Grandhouse style of photography. We always mine out all possible ways to bring some crazy cool ideas. Whether it is the time for a toast, or when the party mode is switched on, we always have some amazing camera tricks up our sleeves to capture some mesmerizing pictures. Most wedding reception photographs follow a certain pattern and that is definitely not our style.